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Internet Access from the Future

Magic decentralizes access to the internet. Powered by carriers both big and small, Magic is a network of networks — covering the world with secure, fast, and reliable connectivity.


Why we’re building Magic

Access to the Internet is broken for all of us.

You connect to the internet through unsecured WiFi, flaky networks, captive portals, and congested cell towers. Internet installs never happen during their scheduled window. Your carrier mines your data and inserts extra advertisements on every page you visit. Data caps and throttling stop you in your tracks.

Magic fixes the way we get online. It’s a single, open-sourced network spanning the globe, accessible everywhere. Your devices move seamlessly from cellular to WiFi and between access points. It magically adjusts to meet demand and keeps your connection secure. All backed by decentralized nodes powered by everyone.


What's Magic

Universal connectivity for the future of the internet

Magic is a new kind of network. It’s internet access, decentralized. Securely connect online through millions of gateways powered by both individuals like you and the most reliable internet operators around the world.

We don’t require specialized hardware — WiFi device can connect easily. Magic has a low infrastructure footprint, compatible with most modern routers and existing infrastructure.


How Magic Works

Magic is powered by networks big and small.

Anyone can set up a Magic Gateway with off-the-shelf network hardware. Magic verifies proof of availability to ensure coverage and proof of transport to ensure the best quality of service. Gateway providers earn tokens by broadcasting Magic and transporting data for roaming devices.

Magic dynamically manages traffic demands, offloading devices to less congested stations, across networking technology. Customers using data seamlessly move between networks as devices move and demand shifts. No data caps. No throttling. No drop-offs. No bullshit.


Download the Alpha

Magic Alpha is available now for developers. Included is Magic Client and Magic Agent software to enable Magic WiFi using supported routers.

Follow along on our GitHub repo and help us define the future of internet access. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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The future is bright.

And a bit magical.

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