Got the Magic in me.


Magic Matters.

Before Magic, there were fences separating devices. Networks layered ontop of one another, congesting spectrum. Devices struggled to find secure access. Roaming agreements take years to finalize.

Magic is the Internet as it should be: an open, fluid, decentralized, trustless, and secure network that is fault and bad-actor tolerant, rewarding those who add value to the network.

The Team.

Magic is an open-source project being built by your friends at Hologram.

We’re a team of networking experts with decades of experience in cellular, WiFi, and cutting edge connectivity technology.

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Ben Forgan

Founder, Executive

Pat Wilbur

Founder, Technology

Ben Strahan


Trevor Austin


Pia Opulencia


Quintin Carlson


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Bullpen Capital

Drive Capital

Nextview Ventures