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Available Late 2019

Forget about the backend.

Cellular and wifi delivered in an app

Magic brings a future where you not longer have to manage access to network technologies manually. Cellular, WiFi, 5G, and LPWAN are connected to dynamically and automatically by Magic client software, which manages secure connections and handoffs to ensure a completely seamless experience. End users no longer need to worry about choosing between WiFi walled gardens. With Magic, devices intelligently switch and hop between networks to ensure a balance of performance and price.

Current mobile handoff experiences are clunky and cannot guarantee data privacy. All Magic networks are encrypted end-to-end and ensure both the network operator and the client devices stay secure while transmitting data. Switching between networks instantaneous and automatic — negotiated between gateways and client device moment-to-moment. No user intervention is required.

>> How are you online?>> It's Magic!

Devices roam across connectivity spectrums, from WiFi to cellular, between multiple network operators. This always-on coverage is powered by Magic's mobility capabilities, and will empower the future of mobile device experiences. Additionally, by opening a whole new market of seamless data connectivity over WiFi — users will see fewer moments of network congestion and dropped service.

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Cheaper, faster, safer.

A new wave of access

Client devices can gain access to Magic technologies through their current carrier or through a new wave of Magic-powered Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). These virtual carriers will provide additional competition in connectivity markets, while continuing to push backhaul fiber and network providers to expand infrastructure investments.

Magic has the ability to lower end-user data costs while improving speed, throughput, and reliability. Market economics will drive down data costs by both opening up more spectrum for use by more devices and providing consumers with an increased level of control. Magic Clients set budget and spend thresholds as well as independently manage quality of service expectations.

With a new wave of demand and ability to layer in advanced software services inside Magic’s ecosystem, consumers will see a leap in new features, services, and capabilities. This empowers current day carriers to invest in capital networks and innovative communication experiences. All with more economical paths to access the Internet. Magic networking protocols ensures devices are secure and safe no matter which network, carrier, or provider is connecting the device to the Internet.

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