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Available in 2019

cellular agriculture

Reduced Negotiation Overhead

Trustless and Automated Negotiations

Magic’s smart contracts programmatically orchestrate handoffs across networks reducing overhead in negotiating roaming agreements. Using the MGC Token, connectivity payment is settled instantly via blockchain transactions rather than buggy, centralized clearinghouses.

As new infrastructure is activated and enabled, network operators can instantly generate demand from roaming partners.

Magic’s low infrastructure footprint

Since Magic Network is implemented as a client application it can sit on top of any existing infrastructure. Both requesting and receiving nodes can join the network on-demand and can serve as relays for nodes that are not Magic enabled. This flexibility enables an elastic network that responds to consumer demand, including demand from low-power IoT devices, without physical infrastructure overhauls or human intervention.

cellular agriculture

Dynamic and Incentivized Network Demand

Magic creates a liquid and transparent market for on-demand connectivity for a range of usage profiles and price points. The market incentivizes efficient spectrum use, and promotes distributed investment in the underlying connectivity infrastructure. Moreover, Magic is extensible and can be adapted to fit different market conditions for enterprise and infrastructure partners.

Building New User Experiences

With a seamless, software-defined network, operators can layer in new end-user features and build impactful experiences — from additional security, to mobile-device-management, and beyond. These new features and services provide a way to push innovation across operators.


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