Magic WiFi

Forget about captive portals and staying safe on unsecure WiFi. Magic WiFi powers a instant-on WiFi experience that’s encrypted end-to-end.

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Trustless Connectivity

A network for everyone.

Magic makes it advantageous to broadcast and share access to the Internet using your WiFi router. Earn MGC Tokens for both making the Magic network available and for transporting data on behalf of roaming Magic Clients.

Magic Agent software turns any modern WiFi router into an access point — allowing you to add coverage to the global Magic network. With Magic’s software defined network, you can easily manage quality, security, and network settings across one or a million routers. The end-to-end encrypted nature of Magic’s access protocols ensures devices stay in their own lane and cannot encroach on private networks. The result is the Internet as it should be, a seamless user experience where bad actors can’t do bad things, and the Internet “Just Works” for good actors---the universal network, available everywhere.


Join the network in Autumn 2018

WiFi That Works For You

Surfacing the best networks for all.

Access to Magic networks is simple and automatic. Magic Client software runs natively on your devices and automatically negotiates access. Data is secured end-to-end, ensuring complete privacy and security from both other roaming devices and the network provider.

WiFi providers are incentivized to provide availability and coverage through payment of MGC Tokens, while those that don’t provide quality of service are scored by a reputation management system through our blockchain-backed marketplace. This ensures you are always guaranteed quality connectivity for what you pay for, without throttling or caps.

Magic Client software seamlessly hops from hotspot to hotspot, from WiFi to cellular and back again. This assures you access the fastest network, at the lowest cost for data, all while experiencing a consistently great connection.

Already Ready for Magic

Ready for your WIFI router.

Magic WiFi is already compatible with your modern WiFi router. Setup takes just a minute and anyone can start earning MGC Tokens immediately.

Tokens are based on both broadcasting coverage and for transporting data on the network.

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