Magic 5G

Next-generation 5G wireless performance requires a next-generation network. With decentralized basestations and a seamless client experience, Magic is the future of 5G.

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Available late 2019

5G is the Future of Cellular

Fast, dense networks.

The benefits of 5G are impressive. Low latency down to 1ms, speeds up to 1GB/s, and seamless hand-off between network technologies.

5G uses New Radio sub-6 GHz and mmWave 24-86 GHz bands. Although these bands increase throughput they come at the price of much shorter broadcasting coverage. Making matters worse, data moving through 5G wavelengths are blocked by physical objects and weather. To get around these restrictions 5G network providers need to deploy new towers at nearly every street intersection.


Demo networks launching in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago in early 2019

And Magic was Built for 5G

The future is inherently decentralized

To achieve these numbers 5G technology requires a dense network of towers. It’s both capital and spectrum inefficient to require all local carriers to launch enough cell sites to power 5G.

Magic’s technology enables network operators to share infrastructure and reduce industry wide capital costs. Devices roam seamlessly between backend providers, but keep a consistent user experience to end customers. Magic Cellular technology supports current 4G LTE and both licensed and unlicensed 5G bands.

We’ll be rolling out Magic-powered 5G demo networks early 2019. Join us in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.

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