Magic Cellular

Magic changes how devices move between cellular base stations and introduces seamless handoff between WiFi and cellular networks.

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Available late 2019

Spectrum Efficient

Solving for congestion from the start

Current cellular networks are more congested than ever. In urban areas, macro cellular sites are fully saturated moments after their first activation. Many cities are rolling out micro cell sites as fast as possible. However, meeting demand for mobile video streaming, video conferencing, and magnitudes more number of connected devices – mobile phones, IoT devices, electric scooters, tablets, cars, and wearables — is massively difficult.

Magic allows devices to hop from network to network seamlessly. Switching to faster, more reliable, or cheaper base stations as they become in range. This frees up current macro sites from having to power all nearby connections.

Devices running Magic Client can jump between base stations, regardless of backend carrier. This more efficient use of spectrum and built-in market demand encourages faster capital and cell site rollout. As soon as new sites launch, devices will automatically connect and roam, reducing congestion strain across networks and base stations.

Seamless Handoff

From cellular to wifi and back again.

With cell site congestion in mind, Magic powers easy device offloading. With a consistent mobile IP, devices transition from cellular sites to WiFi hotspots (and back again) without service interruption and without impacting data security.

Low-value devices with evergreen messaging needs can be timeshifted to off-peak hours for data transmission. Built in market economics encourage devices to make financial decisions on when to transmit data. This lowers network demand during high peak times, reserving bandwidth for premium devices like smartphones over non-critical connected devices. During times of off-peak and low network demand, carriers can lower prices and encourage devices to connect to their infrastructure and more quickly recoup capital investments.


Available globally in 2019

Global Roaming, Simplified

As access to the internet keeps expanding.

Country-by-country and carrier-by-carrier negotiations for roaming agreements are inherently inefficient and costly. Magic powers network operators to allow for global roaming with little to no live negotiations.

Magic protocols handle and offload the complex and error-prone process of centralized billing, limiting the need for clearinghouses.

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